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Corned Beef and Cabbage

I would love to try this out this year. I know my hubby loves corned beef so I am not sure why I've never cooked it. I think I'm a little intimidated by it?? Here's a recipe from The Stir that shares a great way to cook it


Homemade Irish Corned Beef With Guinness, adapted…


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30 Things To Let Your Children Know

One mom shares what she wants her children to know. 30 things that she wants them aware of. 

Things such as it's okay to cry. Beauty comes from within. Love is louder than hate. …


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10 Easy Ideas for Holiday Snacks

Nobody is going to blame you if your holiday party spread includes a bowl of mixed nuts, some grapes and a wedge or two of cheese. After all, most people enjoy them and are willing to nibble mindlessly on them. But it is easier than you think to elevate your feast by bolstering those tired party snack cliches with a few more creative offerings.

Read the rest of this post at…


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77 Gift Ideas For The Hard To Buy For...

There's always someone in your family who is hard to decide what to get. Here's a list of ideas for everyone from the environmentally conscious uncle to the niece who has the biggest heart. 


What do you get those who are hard to…


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Hosting Thanksgiving for the first time? Some tips

The potatoes are wrong. The football game's too loud. The kids aren't dressed right. Thanksgiving can, of course, be a great joy, but with so many beloved traditions on the line it can also be prime ground for sniping and griping the first time the torch has been passed.
Your mother, mother-in-law, father or father-in-law might be thrilled to give up hosting after many decades, but that doesn't mean…

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Getting Ready for Halloween? Here's Some Easy Dinner Ideas...

Halloween is usually full of excitement, fun and rushing. Rushing home to get the kids ready. Rushing out the door to go trick or treating or to your favorite trunk or treat. Then there's dinner. What do you do about dinner? Eat out or throw one of these easy ideas on.

Check out these easy Halloween dinner ideas to make your life a little less complicated on that exciting day. …


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Top Colleges

The new list of the top colleges in the country has been released. We all know the benefits of graduating from college and graduating from one of these adds even more benefits. 

Check out the list by clicking the link below. What do you think of the list? Do you have any colleges on there your children are considering or dream of attending?…


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After School Treat : Frozen Granola Bananas

Granola, chocolate and bananas combine to make this healthy after school treat. The kiddos are about to return to school and the days are still hot. Have this wonderful cold treat waiting for them when they get home! Check out the link here to get the full recipe. …


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Back to School Lunch Recipe - Quinoa Rollups

Quinoa is a great side item and Sarah puts it in a wrap to make a great filling lunch item for back to school. Check out her full recipe by clicking here. …


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Where to go for help for a new mom.

Hello everyone. I was just wanting to know if there are any resources that are out there for a mom to be. I have a young lady that I'm trying to help out with things for her new baby. She isn't a new mom but it has been a 9 years since her last so she needs to get everything again.  I have been looking around at mostly free things for her new bundle of joy but still don't know if there is anywhere I can tell her to go for things like a crib and car seat and such. Any help you ladies and…


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Our Experience At Universal Studios...

I honestly just had to share this. I was highly impressed with our experience at Universal Studios. We surprised my son with a trip there yesterday and it was a beautiful day to go. The kiddo loves Transformers and we had waited a little while after it was open to head out there. We saw Optimus Prime and Bumblebee and then went to ride the actual ride. While we stood there waiting a while it ended up the ride was having technical difficulties. Okay well, we will go somewhere and then come…


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Also New to Ocala

Hello everyone! My family just moved here last weekend from Tennessee. I have a two year old daughter and a one month old son. I am a stay at home mom and looking for activities to do with my two year old and also people to talk to! :) I am trying to get ideas of good physicians here too especially pediatrics/dentist peds and adult/ veterinarian/ and ob/gyno. I look forward to talking to all or anyone willing. I am excited to start my families new life this year in florida. We moved away from… Continue

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New To Ocala...

Hello everyone my name is Kardeidre (pronounced Khadijha) I know its spelled weird lol, I am a 27yr old woman & mother of 4 beautiful children. A boy who is 13 & 3 girls ages 5,6 & 8. I am new to Marion Oaks, I recently moved after escaping from a 8 almost 9yr abusive marriage and I am currently looking for a new job but I'm also looking to meet other mom's in my area you know just to be able to talk to someone & hopefully make some new friends. I like to read and write and of… Continue

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Cookbooks For Gifts

I have to say I love cookbooks. I love looking through the recipe pictures and seeing all those wonderful ideas maybe I haven't even thought of. I love to cook from them when I have time but unfortunately, I don't always get to try them out. I have received them as gifts before and they are pretty wonderful. One of my favorite one's to dig through was one of Rachel Ray's my brother gave me one year. My all time favorite one is one my mother started me when I got married. She made a binder of…


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Switching Teachers

My son is 4 almost 5 and this is his first time in a "school" environment.  Only 3 months in and they are wanting to switch his teachers in Pre-K.  I'm concerned that the teacher is "giving up" on my son.  He does have "antsy" pants and he has the selective hearing.  He's gone through the normal behaviour issues of all boys and that's cleared up, however, the teacher is frustrated.  I've put him on "calm child", however, that made his hyperness worse.  So I've cut out sugar, candy and even…


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Best Holiday Light Shows Ever

Tis the season! It's almost time, or past time for some, to deck the halls, trim the tree and hang those thousands of lights. We love Christmas here and I do say I love the decorating and the more lights the better :).

When do you hang your lights and put up the tree? Is it done already or do you wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving? For us that weekend right after Thankgsiving we are working on the Christmas decorations. I love it and my son does too. My hubby, eehhh..…


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Mommy and me..

I'm new to Ocala and I have a 6 1/2 month old baby girl. I'm looking to meet moms and get our babies together for play dates and just for us mommys to talk and relax. Anyone interested; we could go to parks, I'm open to anything !

Added by Rebekah Hirshenson on September 12, 2013 at 1:15pm — 3 Comments

i9 Sports Survey - Moms Stress Over Sports

Local Moms Want Solution for Stress of Youth Sports

New Survey Reveals Youth Sports Cause Marital and Family Battles,…


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School Lunch Ideas

I've been hunting some fun and cool lunch ideas that I can send my son to school with. I have been finding lots of great blogs and Pinterest is full of ideas! I am getting super excited and hope I can be this creative ;) Hahahah!

So here are some of my favorite ones I have found so far:…


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Top 3 Ways For Families To Celebrate Nature

FamilyFun Magazine Goes Wild: Top 3 Ways for Families to Celebrate Nature



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